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The goal of the project is to develop the detached system able to detect head motion and estimate head pose during Positron Emission Tomography. Information about pose can be used to correct brain images to preserve its resolution and to ensure that quantitative data are preserved as accurately as possible.


Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a relatively lengthy procedure with a typical scanning time of up to one hour. It is therefore difficult for a subject to remain still during the data acquisition period. However, even relatively small head motions may significantly degrade the image resolution, and hence the quantitative accuracy of PET brain studies. In addition, head motion also causes misalignment between the emission and transmission scan data, leading to erroneous correction for photon attenuation. It is particularly important for dedicated brain scanners. Comparing with multipurpose scanners, it can use smaller detectors and, therefore, produce higher-resolution images.


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